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(Last edited August 11th, 2022)


Our intent is to eventually allow for the exchange of fiat currencies for crypto currencies, crypto currencies for fiat currencies and crypto currencies for crypto currencies.  Eventually, we will also implement the exchange of fiat currencies for fiat currencies.


The primary Cryptocurrencies that will be listed on the exchange will be those that are issued by  The exchange will be the primary market for buying and selling those cryptocurrencies.  In addition, the secondary Cryptocurrencies that will be listed on the exchange will be those that are the largest and best established of the cryptocurrency environment, but have not been issued by


This means that the exchange will allow for the convenient liquidation of the cryptocurrencies that are issued for our clients.

Our intent is to operate within the regulations set forth by the United States of America Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (“DFPI”), although we may operate within allowed exceptions.


Because of these regulations, anyone that desires to open a trading account will need to meet with us in person and provide a valid governmentally-issued identification (such as a passport), their Social Security Number and proof of residence.  For corporate clients, the equivalent proofs will be required.  We will lift this requirement if the SEC tells us how we can comply with their “Know Your Customer” regulation in a more convenient manner; until then, that’s what is required.


Our target date for taking the platform fully operational is July 1st, 2024.  Expanded functionality will follow after that.